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Since the start of the pandemic Hyde-Stone has made a concerted effort to be at the forefront of the most viable and cost-effective options to improve commercial IAQ and to help businesses defend against contaminants and viruses like Covid-19.

We’ve invested substantial time and resources to broaden our knowledge as industry leaders in critical areas like filter upgrades, cold plasma ionization, Indoor air quality testing, and even portable filtration units…all in an effort to keep everyone from friends and family to clients and community partners up to date with the most pertinent information and solutions.

Hyde-Stone’s Research & Development

With a steadfast commitment to continually investing in cutting edge research and development, Hyde-Stone is uniquely positioned to propose the most cost-effective indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions in the industry. Our programs are tailored to meet our Client’s specific commercial HVAC requirements while simultaneously allowing them to defend against threats like Covid-19. Our R&D has shown that with proper testing we can pinpoint the necessary balance between intermingling variables like outside air, humidification, increased filtration, and plasma ionization, to help eliminate the spread of contaminants like dust, dirt, mold, and viruses. All so that your building and offices can be prepared for normal operations, with the added assurance and security that your employees and clients are safe.

Bringing You Solutions for IAQ

Plasma Air – Cold Plasma Ionization

Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, Plasma technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions. The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron which results in an unstable condition. In an effort to restabilize, these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons with, effectively neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria and virus cells, odorous gases, aerosols, and VOCs.


Healthway Ultrafine 468 Portable Filtration Units

These convenient high-quality mobile units can be used when Plasma Ionization installation may not be an option. Specifically designed for boardrooms, offices, lobby areas, training rooms, etc., with a single unit able to clean a room up to 750 square feet, all while maintaining an efficiency that is roughly 40X greater than HEPA filter standards.


Building Advice – M5200 IAQ Testing Monitor

The M5200 testing monitor generates reports designed to illustrate how a commercial building is performing in regard to overall environmental parameters, to help identify issues, and offer solutions and next steps for correction. This unit offers detailed assessments in the following areas:

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) parameters measured in the building
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) parameters measured in the building
  • Identification of pollution sources and solutions to improve impact on tenants
  • Comfort and ventilation issues related to mechanical systems operations
  • Verification of schedules for the operation of temperature controls


Hyde-Stone, Filter Media, & The Pandemic

As the pandemic progressed into late Spring and early summer state officials called for a mandatory upgrade to Merv 13 filters for businesses like gyms and malls, considered to be “High Risk” for Covid-19 transmission, as a prerequisite for their reopening. As you can imagine many businesses rushed to meet these requirements with little to no regard for the effect such changes might have on the proper operation of their HVAC systems. In the majority of cases the move to Merv 13’s was simply not a viable option.

Hyde-Stone found, as we navigated our course through the seemingly ever-shifting filtration intricacies brought on by the pandemic, is that moving to the 13’s generally causes too severe of a pressure drop in the majority of HVAC systems that have not been specifically designed to handle filters of that density. Implementing them, more often than not, equates to the equipment working outside of the manufacturers’ specifications and in turn places unwanted stress on many different components, i.e. motors and drives. This leads to failures and service calls for complaints like “no cooling” due to the units freezing up.

These issues eventually led to a collaboration and eventual partnership between Hyde-Stone and Camfil USA Inc.

Camfil Dual 30/30 9A Filters

The 30/30 Dual 9 Air Filter is designed with improved filter media that utilizes a proprietary progressive dual-layer blend with identified by white fibers on the upstream side and green on the downstream side. The media also features a sustained mechanical particle capture principle to maintain MERV 9-A efficiency, operating at the lowest average pressure drop of any filter of its category in history. Making it an ideal upgrade (comparable with Merv 11 & 13 industry standards) for almost all HVAC systems. Meets all published hospital filter efficiency guidelines. ISO 16890 ePM10-55%. 

Source: Camfil Dual 30/30 9A Filters

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